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Personamed genetic testing

How can Personamed Benefit You?

The Personamed genetic testing service helps you personalize your medications based on your DNA. This can help reduce or avoid side effects, make medications work better and save you time and money.


Medications are not a one-size-fits-all prescription. You are unique and your medications should be tailored to you. Your DNA influences how effective a medication is and whether or not you get side effects. This is especially true for treatments of anxiety, depression or pain.


Our team of pharmacists will help you to find the right medication, in the right dose for you based on what your DNA says. We will then work with you, your local pharmacist and your doctor to make sure you get the best, personalized care. 

How Personamed Works

Follow these step by step instructions to get started today!

Step 1

Order your testing kit online, or at a pharmacy near you.



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