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Click Below to pay for your test 

     Congratulations! Your kit will be mailed shortly!

Next Steps


Check your mail regularly over the next week for a package from Personamed.




1. Please fill out the consent form that will be mailed and emailed to you and email it back to

2. The requisition form has already been filled out (and de-identified).


Please fill out your birthday on this form.

3. Follow the directions in the kit, then mail it out to OneOme.


Address: 807 Broadway St NE #100, Minneapolis, MN 55413, USA


Shipping to Minnesota is unfortunately NOT paid for. 


Unfortunately, due to Canada being such a big country we could not cover the shipping costs for prepaid. Sorry. However, Canada Post is usually the cheapest option.

Once we have your results (~ 2-3 weeks after OneOme receives your kit) we will go over your results by telephone at a pre-arranged time; please book off 30-45mins.
Once the kit arrives...

Looking forward to speaking with you!

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